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Fishing Tips & Tricks

Good Things Come To Good Rods

Selecting a good rod can be a bewildering experience for someone who wants the most their money. With the unbelievable array of good rods available to serious anglers today, it’s easy to find a great rod that is perfect for what you want to do with it.

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The Angler's Life

Jigging In Malaysia

Malaysia being blessed with the abundance and availability of fish species, jigging has been one of the popular fishing styles for anglers to live that experience. Jigging is effective against many types of fishes and there are many techniques which allows anglers to adapt to the species and environment.

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Fishing Tips & Tricks

Choosing The Right Fishing Reel (Fishing Reel 101)

Fishing reels have come a long way since the ages when humans needed to fish and hunt to survive. As fishing evolves, the aesthetics and beauty of fishing reels conceals the complex parts and components within it, making it is easy to overlook the amount of detail and engineering that goes into making the fishing life easier and more enjoyable.

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Fishing Tips & Tricks

Simple Guide to Choosing The Best Fishing Lure

One of the upsides to investing in a fishing lure is that you can move around the water and cover a wide area effortlessly.

What’s more

There is a wide range of fishing lures that you can choose, depending on the level of water you’re targeting.

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