Air Blade II Spinning Rod

Product Description

Seahawk’s AIR BLADE II is a high grade composite mix that strikes a well-rounded balance between the best of carbon fibre and fiberglass fishing rods. It offers the lightness and sensitivity of full carbon rods and to sense the softer bites, while also the having the flex and durability of fiberglass. With time, you can handle the likes of small sneaky game to larger aggressive game.

The Air Blade is an affordable choice, ideal for anglers wishing to have an all-rounder rod to target many different fishes, and also ideal for anglers that wish to venture into carbon rods before jumping head first into full carbon rods. The Casting version is also available.


Hybrid Icon   M-tuned 24T Carbon – Fiberglass Hybrid
Versatile Icon    All-rounder Fishing Rod
   Available in 2-Sections for portability
   Ideal for Pond and Carp Fishing


Model NameLength (ft)Lure Wt. (g)Line Wt. (g)GuideActionSection
601MS6'0"5 – 186 – 126 + 1Medium1
602MHS6'0"7 – 218 – 176 + 1Medium Heavy2
661MHS6'6"7 – 218 – 176 + 1Medium Heavy1
662MHS6'6"7 – 288 – 206 + 1Medium Heavy2
702MHS7'0"10 – 2810 – 206 + 1Medium Heavy2
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