Air Cruizer Si Spinning Reel (Preview)

Product Description

Seahawk’s Air Cruizer Si is a high-speed, high-performance reel with a speedy ratio of up to 7.1:1 for more line pickup and quicker hooksets, making it great for long casts and capable of tackling bigger gamefish and fast swimmers.

Another key highlight is its Gapless Transmission Mechanism (G.T.M.), an innovative high-precision manufacturing technology that reduces the gaps between gears for precise continuous meshing to produce a super smooth and flawless cranking performance. Additionally, it sports 6 ball bearings for a smooth retrieval and maximum core strength, control and durability thanks to its Tri-Aluminium built; CNC aluminum spool, screw-in handle and knob.


   G.T.M – Gapless Transmission Mechanism
   Aluminium Spool
   Screw-In CNC Aluminium Handle with Aluminium Round Knob
 High-Speed Gear Ratio
   Anti-Twist Line Roller
   Computer Balanced System
   Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System

Seahawk - Air Cruizer Si - PG 01
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