Black Gator SW Premium Spinning Reel

Black Gator SW

Introducing the BLACK GATOR SW – Team Seahawk’s highest performing, refined spinning reel, a limited-edition beast that is a true fish stopper.

No matter the fishing condition you’re in, the BLACK GATOR has you covered for a flawless performance out in the sea. Housed inside an extremely durable all-metal matte body & stainless-steel shaft are tough digital gears, precisely cut with advanced machineries, providing the BLACK GATOR an ultimate gear precision with effortless cranking power and extreme durability. Its advanced Carbon Drag System (CDS) further solidifies its cranking power, boasting a Max Drag up to a whooping 23kg!

The internals have been carefully designed with saltwater-resistant components such as Team Seahawk’s Hydroguard technology & 10 double shielded stainless steel ball bearings, keeping its core sealed & protected better than ever. Its 1-piece handle armed with ultra-smooth machine-cut aluminium round knob increases comfort and cranking power. Thanks to its ultra-deep braid-ready spool design, you’re all set to go deeper and further with the BLACK GATOR.


Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Stainless steel ball bearings will not rust or corrode when exposed to water and moisture, significantly enhancing durability, making every angler’s experience more enjoyable.

360 Degree Saltwater Protection

Engineered to withstand saltwater environments, our reels are carefully designed with a corrosion-resistant seal drag system and double-sealed stainless steel ball bearings, ensuring a long-lasting reel with optimal performance and better endurance.


The rugged all-metal body design serves as a shield in protecting the reel’s gear alignment, even under the heaviest loads and fighting the biggest fishes. Combine with Seahawk’s 360 Saltwater Protection system, fortifying the reel against corrosive saltwater elements for a longer reel lifespan.

Tough Machine Gear

When the tough gets tougher. Team Seahawk’s Tough Machine Gear technology uses extremely precise, machine-cut digital gears that offers unmatched durability and cranking power, resulting in a solid, buttery smooth retrieval every time.

Tru-Smooth MK2 System

Tru-Smooth MK2 System

The Tru-Smooth MK2 System incorporates the latest technology using more advanced clicker machinery, producing an amazingly consistent and smooth spool spin for a silky-smooth casting experience.

Infinite One Way Clutch Bearing

Infinite One Way Clutch Bearing

This clutch bearing acts as a reliable safeguard by locking up and preventing any reverse rotation, so that lines do not get tangled. This gives better control, especially during stop-and-go retrieve situations.

C-Loop Propelling System

Engineered with an advanced angular slant at the other edge of the spool, the C-Loop Propelling System effective design helps to minimize line friction, delivering an impeccably smooth cast every time.

  • Limited Edition
  • 3 x Hydroguard System
  • 10 x Double Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearing System
  • Durable, all-metal body  (DuraMetal)
  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Ultra-Deep Braid-Ready Spool Design
  • Tough Digital Machine-Cut Gear for an ultimate gear precision
  • MKII Alarm System
  • Direct Drive System (DIIS)
  • Carbon Drag System (CDS)
  • 1-piece Sturdy Handle with Ultra-smooth Machine-cut Aluminium Round Knob
  • Max Drag up to 23kg
Model NameBall BearingGear RatioLine Capacity (mm-m)Line Capacity (lbs-yards)Weight (g)Max Drag (kg)
BG-PG 4500SW105.5:10.20-530, 0.27-398, 0.32-30240-579, 50-435, 60-33051218
BG-PG 6500SW105.5:10.27-506, 0.32-438, 0.36-32950-553, 60-479, 70-35959220
BG-PG 8000SW104.7:10.32-598, 0.36-442, 0.43-40260-654, 70-484, 85-44062223
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