Black Venom Heavy Cover Casting Rod

Black Venom

Team Seahawk Black Venom Heavy Cover rod is designed to be the ultimate lure fishing rod, specifically made for medium to heavy cover fishing. This true custom edition handmade rod is good for both fresh and saltwater conditions with a fast action that guarantees excellent sensitivity and solid hook sets. The HMCC-30T lightweight construction features a strong ultra-lightweight blank alone at only 151g as an addition result of Seahawk’s custom carbon construction created using a light and perfectly balanced 30-ton high modulus carbon. Spinning version also available.



Seahawk’s rods are carefully constructed with the finest quality materials to achieve the perfect balance between strength and weight, creating a powerful rod that is both durable and lightweight.


Highly responsive with extremely lightweight and durable blank, Seahawk’s latest High Modulus Carbon Construction 30-Ton (HMCC 30-T) is expertly constructed using only the highest quality carbon fiber material to achieve an ultralight feel, yet providing an extreme lifting power like no other. A high performance rod, perfect for advanced anglers.


Model NameLength (ft)Line Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (g)GuideActionSection
BV692MHB6'9"12 – 257 – 289 + 1Medium Heavy2
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