Kingdom Xtreme Spinning Reel

Kingdom Xtreme

The birth of a new legend, meet Team Seahawk Kingdom Xtreme Spinning Reel – a truly refined saltwater-approved reel embodied with 360 saltwater protection elements, a perfect match with the iconic Kingdom Xtreme rod.

It is engineered with tough Duralumin 6063 body frame and side plate, coupled with ultra-tough dura air rotor, heavy duty Carbon Drag System (CDS) and 8 high performance stainless steel bearing system, making the Kingdom Xtreme reel a rigid beast for any anglers to rule the sea.

Other tough components include Team Seahawk’s Anti-Line Slippage System (ALS), an ergonomic carbon round knob with Direct Drive System (DIIS) and an oversized knob for quick and easy drag setting.

Tru-Smooth MK2 System

Tru-Smooth MK2 System

The Tru-Smooth MK2 System incorporates the latest technology using more advanced clicker machinery, producing an amazingly consistent and smooth spool spin for a silky-smooth casting experience.

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Stainless steel ball bearings will not rust or corrode when exposed to water and moisture, significantly enhancing durability, making every angler’s experience more enjoyable.

360 Degree Saltwater Protection

Engineered to withstand saltwater environments, our reels are carefully designed with a corrosion-resistant seal drag system and double-sealed stainless steel ball bearings, ensuring a long-lasting reel with optimal performance and better endurance.

Carbon Drag System

A cutting-edge drag system using military-grade fiber material with superb stopping power, exceptional smoothness with high heat tolerance, guaranteeing optimum performance even under extreme conditions.

Hydro-Guard System

An innovative protection technology that prevents water and dust from entering, thus prolonging the reel’s life, keeping gears, bearings, and internal parts safe and clean.

Direct Drive System (DIIS)

Convenience and power at your fingertips. An advanced screw-in handle system that offers more power and allows anglers to swap between left or right handle in a spinning reel.

  • 8 Stainless Steel Bearing System
  • Stainless Steel Anti-Reverse Bearing
  • Duralumin 6063 Body Frame And Side Plate
  • Machined Cut Double Anodise Braid Ready Aluminium Spool
  • Ultra Tough Dura Air Rotor
  • DIIS With Carbon Round Knob
  • 360 Saltwater Protection
  • Heavy Duty Carbon Drag System
  • Oversized Drag Knob For Quick Drag Setting
  • Anti-Line Slippage System (ALS)
Model NameBall BearingGear RatioLine Capacity (mm-m)Line Capacity (lbs-yards)Weight (g)Max Drag (kg)
KDX 4000PG-SW85.8:10.12-389, 0.15-281, 0.20-21320-425, 30-307, 40-23326012
KDX 5000PG-SW85.2:10.15-340, 0.20-290, 0.27-21830-372, 40-317, 50-23839214
KDX 6000PG-SW85.2:10.20-391, 0.27-294, 0.32-25840-428, 50-321, 60-28239016
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