Lite Cast 103HSL Ultralight Reel

Lite Cast 103HSL Ultralight Reel

The LITE-CAST by Seahawk is an affordable baitcasting reel made to be efficiently light, fast and strong to target ultralight game.

The LITE-CAST’s fine-tuned 5 magnetic braking system and high gear ratio of 7.2:1 provides excellent speed and control for incredibly smooth precision casting and stable retrieve. It weighs only 138g so you get all-day fishing comfort, thanks to innovative ultra-lightweight yet sturdy materials – shallow A7006 finesse aluminum spool, A7075 alloy gear, plus a 95mm carbon fiber swept handle fitted into a streamlined body that’s compact for easy palming and improved control.

Well-packed and well-priced, the Lite Cast was carefully designed to satisfy ultralight anglers’ demands, a must have in any ultralight enthusiast’s arsenal!


  •   6+1RBB (incl. 2 NMB) Ball Bearings.
  •   Ultra Lightweight Body Material
  •   Refined 5 Magnetic Braking System
  •   95mm Carbon Fiber Swept Handle with “I” Knob.
  •   Lightweight Shallow Finesse Aluminium Spool.
  •   High Performance Aluminium Alloy Gear.
  •   With Supported Pinion Gear.
  •   Streamlined Body Frame for improved Casting.
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