Nemexus Casting Rod

Nemexus Casting Rod

Enter NEMEXUS—made for anglers wanting the feel and performance of a pure carbon, without the hefty price tag. The Nemexus features a blank constructed using a blend of 80/20 carbon-to-fiberglass ratio. You get the ideal benefits of a full carbon rod, with an extra fiberglass strength boost—light and highly sensitive, without the high brittleness of full carbon, for 1/3 the price. 

What’s more, its wide variety of power ratings—from ultra-light to medium heavy—make it versatile for a range of fishing applications. You’re sure to find one that suits your fishing style. The spinning rod model is also available here.



  •    Affordable, feels & performs like full carbon
  • Hybrid Icon   Fine-tuned 80/20 carbon-fiberglass ratio construct
  •    Light and highly sensitive blank
  •    Less brittle than regular full carbon
  •    Versatile with a wide variety of power ratings
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