Patriot Casting Rod

Product Description

Seahawk’s PATRIOT baitcasting rod series is made for beginners looking for a high quality yet affordable starter rod option. The rod features a well-balanced blank that’s lightweight and sensitive yet durable, thanks to its 24-ton carbon fiber composite construction. A solid reliable option for anglers learning to bait cast and for casual baitcasters. The patriot is ideal for small game fish and heavy covers/plantation, “loyally” going through thick and thin with its caster. For an excellent starter baitcasting combo, pair it with our PATRIOT baitcaster reel!


entry level feature icon   Affordable starter baitcasting rod
   24-Ton carbon fiber composite construction
   Lightweight, flexible, and durable blank
Sensitive to bites icon   Excellent sensitivity to detect small nibbles
   Ideal for small game fish and heavy covers

Model NameLength (ft)Line Wt. (lb)Lure Wt. (g)GuideActionSection
PT 602MHB6'0"8 – 1710 – 257 + 1Medium Heavy2
PT 662MHB6'6"8 – 2012 – 307 + 1Medium Heavy2
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