Power Seven Spinning Rod

Product Description

Seahawk’s POWER SEVEN 2-piece spinning rod is an excellent value all-around fishing rod. Fitted with premium guides, this affordable and lightweight rod is made using tough fiberglass material for outstanding durability and impressive fighting endurance.

Available in multiple lengths, the Power Seven rod covers a wide range of fishing situations including shore casting–the 7 feet hits the ideal sweet spot in length, flex and power and is highly recommended for pond fishing competitions. For its excellent versatility, durability and affordability, there’s no better universal rod to own!

Model NameLength (ft)Line Wt. (g)Max Drag (kg)GuideActionSection
PS 502MHS5'0"8 – 1764 + 1Medium Heavy2
PS 562MHS5'6"8 – 1765 + 1Medium Heavy2
PS 602MHS6'0"12 – 2075 + 1Medium Heavy2
PS 662MHS6'6"12 – 2575 + 1Medium Heavy2
PS 702HS7'0"15 – 3086 + 1Heavy2
PS 802HS8'0"18 – 3596 + 1Heavy2
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