Jigging X'Pert Jigging Rod

Product Description

Seahawk JIGGING X’PERT rod series are engineered to be lightweight but strong, with great feedback ideal for vertical jigging enthusiasts. Its full carbon blank with 30-Ton high modulus carbon construction forms a slimmer and lighter profile that’s also highly sensitive and responsive. You’ll feel the small nibbles and even the fishes swimming around your line. This rod comes in a two-piece buttjoint design for a good balance between easy storage and excellent strength and lifting power comparable to a one-piece. To top it off, premium K-guides ensure a smooth cast for a smooth experience. Wielding its comfortable EVA handle, be an expert jigger with the Jigging X’pert!


   30T High Modulus Carbon blank
Lightweight Icon   Lightweight Material & Design
Hybrid Icon   Strength and Sensitive Jigging Balance
Ideal Rod Length   Popular 6’3” Jigging Length
   2-section Butt Joint portability

Model NameLength (ft)PEJig Wt. (g)Max Drag (kg)GuideActionSection
JX 632S6'3"0.8 – 1.540 – 8096 + 1Medium Fast2
JX 632S6'3"1 – 360 – 120136 + 1Medium Fast2
JX 632S6'3"2 – 480 – 150166 + 1Medium Fast2
Ig Cover
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