Sexy Slider 75

Product Description

The Sexy Slider 75 has special features that incorporates the 3D RED EYE, UV Coated and is equipped with the MUSTAD Hook. As its name suggests, the Sexy Slider swims with a wide sliding zig-zagging action. Designed with a slim aerodynamic body, this lure is made for distance and speed for long precise casts and fished it with a simple do-nothing retrieve.


  • MUSTAD Hook
  • 3D Red eye
  • UV Coated
  • Attractive colours
  • Aerodynamic for longer casting and speed
  • Target species : Snakehead, Peacock bass, Temensis, Tarpons


Seahawk - Sexy Slider 75 - SSR Spec


Seahawk - Sexy Slider 75 - SSR Icon

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