Silverhound Spinning Reel

Silverhound Spinning Reel

Step up your fishing game with Seahawk’s Silverhound, a power-packed spinning reel that is designed to be your best companion for any fish-fighting journey yet.

Its extremely rigid, durable rotor body is able to hold up more strength & withstand higher max drag (up to astounding 17kg) whilst having a light body weight so you can fish longer & better. The spool is designed with a braid-ready feature, making your braid-installation quick, easy & fuss-free. All 9 ball bearings are shielded for smoother rotation, whilst the rubber-sealed CDS (Carbon Drag Washer) prevents invasion of foreign matter & water, thus prolonging the reel life expectancy & making the Silverhound’s a long-lasting keeper.

Sleek, powerful & durable to the core, this shiny Silverhound is definitely a catch.


  • 9 Super Smooth Shielded Bearings
  • Incl. 2 Stainless Steel Bearings on Main Shaft
  • One-Way Anti-Reverse Roller Clutch Bearing for a Solid Hook-up
  • Rubber-Sealed CDS Carbon Drag Washer.
  • Oversized Drag Knob for Easier Drag Setting.
  • Air Thick Reinforced Bail Arm with Anti-Twist Line Roller.
  • Ergonomic CNC Forged Aluminum Round Knob.
  • Direct Drive System provides a Continuously Sturdy Crank.
  • With Tru-Smooth MKII Alarm System.
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