SOL 8X Braided Line

A newly developed innovative raw material from Nippon. The Seahawk SOL 8-ply nano construction braided fishing line is woven with 20% power-up fibers for extraordinary pedigree and performance specifically manufactured with the latest fishing technology for maximum performance aimed for multipurpose saltwater and freshwater tournament competition. Its thin diameter allows anglers to reel in more lines than conventional braided lines.


Features :

  • Strongest PE 100% fibers superior grade braided fishing line.
  • Incredibly thin line diameter with rounded body structure.
  • Super high abrasion resistance.
  • No reel memory with ultimate sensitivity.
  • Micro-pitch braided to reduce wind knots, backlash and rod tip wraps.
  • Tightly-woven for a beautifully smooth profile.
  • Ultra skin-coating technology for increased longevity and lasting coloration.
  • Heightened accuracy and outstanding casting distance.
  • Ultimate knot strength with virtually zero stretch.


1) Excellent Knot Strength