Monstrous Jigging Rod

Team Seahawk’s Monstrous is a heavy-duty jigging rod with impressive backbone power that’s light and comfortable enough for all-day jigging. With its high-quality HMSC construction, you get greater sensitivity and lightness compared to conventional fiberglass or composite rods. Its butt joint design makes this rod as sensitive and reliable as a one-piece and as easy to carry around and travel with as a two-piece. Additionally, this rod comes fitted with top-notch K-guides to ensure reduced line resistance for a remarkably smooth performance. When it comes to picking an affordable rod with superior balance, comfort and strength that’s powerful enough to battle large predators of the deep, Monstrous is your best bet. What’s more, with its high-quality components, you can expect this rod to last a long time.

Fuji K-Guides

Fuji K-Guides

Seahawk prides itself on selecting high quality components when developing their fishing gears, hence the incorporation of the renowned FUJI Guides in the rods’ craftsmanship. Crafted from premium titanium material, FUJI guides boast high resistance on corrosion, extremely durable and lightweight, providing a tangle-free casting experience. Choice of FUJI guides used includes FUJI Alconite, Torzite and SiC variants.



Light, swift and responsive is the perfect definition for Seahawk’s HMSC - High Modulus Solid Carbon blank technology that is carefully designed to evenly distribute weight throughout the rod. This contributes to an exceptional bending power, perfect for lifting large fish species without a sweat.


  • Designed for heavy duty jigging 
  • High quality HMSC (High Modulus Solid Carbon) increases rod sensitivity
  • Lightweight blank for all-day jigging comfort
  • Fuji K-Guides reduces line friction for a smooth performance 
  • High Density EVA for a firm yet comfortable grip
  • Butt jointed
  • Max drag up to 15kg
Model NameLength (ft)PEJig Wt. (g)Max Drag (kg)GuideActionSection
MTS 632MS6'3"1 – 3200117 + 1Medium Fast2
MTS 632MHS6'3"2 – 4250137 + 1Medium Fast2
MTS 632HS6'3"3 – 6300157 + 1Medium Fast2
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