Trilo-Bait Spinner (TBS-50/54)

Product Description

The Trilo-Bait Spinner (TBS50/54) is made of brass body with stainless steel wires. It features ultrasharp treble hooks with rare Inter-changeable hooks. The Trilo-bait Spinner has a smooth, flowing action that mimics a swimming baitfish. The blades vibrate and flash, attracting the attention of fishes. You can use the Trilo-Bait Spinner for trolling & baitcasting in swift or deep running water ideal for all larger freshwater game fish.


  • Brass body with stainless steel wires
  • Ultrasharp treble hooks
  • Rare Inter-changeable hooks
  • Medium to medium-heavy spinning
  • Trolling & baitcasting in swift or deep running water
  • Ideal for all larger fresh water game fish.
  • Target species: Snakehead, Sebarau, Pike, Bass


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