TS PRO T-Shirt 2021 (Long Sleeve Jersey)

Product Description

Everyone, including anglers, want to have stylish and comfortable wears. That may be tricky, but our Team Seahawk Pro T-Shirt 2021 offers the perfect mix of both to fit your lifestyle. Curated for active anglers in mind, this shirt is made from microfiber and crafted with QuickDry. The moisture-wicking tech will make you will feel dry in just 2 hours! Combined with High-Memory Retention, your shirt will not lose it’s shape after constant wash-and-wear. Comes with long sleeves to provide more coverage.


– High-Memory Retention
– Breathable
– Lightweight
– Comfortable
– Wrinkle free
– Material: Microfiber
– QuickDry (2h)
– Sizes available: XS-3XL

Care instructions:

– Machine washable
– Do not bleach
– Do not iron

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