Xeon Combat SW Casting Reel

Xeon Combat SW Casting Reel

The best-selling Xeon series returns with another legend. Introducing TEAM SEAHAWK XEON SW COMBAT – fully engineered with excellent saltwater capabilities for vicious fights in the salty seas.

Offering a higher max drag than its predecessors (up to 10kg), the Xeon Combat SW is completed with high-speed gear and ultra-deep spool features so you can go deeper & conquer witty, fast species without a problem. Some returning popular features include high-precision Japanese Reinforced Hamai Micro Gear System, ceramic V-shaped line guide for casting accuracy & Slim Tech body technology, specially designed for a comfortable hold in your palm.

Get more control, power and comfort with its ergonomic EVA knob and handle. A complimentary casting handle is included in every box, offering anglers versatility in switching between jigging and casting.

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  • 8 Shielded High Speed Stainless Steel Bearing System.
  • High Performance Stainless Steel Anti-Reverse One Way Bearing.
  • 360 Saltwater Protection.
  • Extended Line Guide System Mark II – XLG MKII.
  • Equipped with Carbon Drag System – CDS.
  • Aircraft-Grade Duraminium Ultra Deep Quiet Spool.
  • One Spare Light Weight Aluminum Casting Handle with Ergonomic EVA Round Knob
  • Slim Tech Body Frame.
  • High precision Hamai Micro Gear Provides Exceptional Smooth Performance and Durability.
  • Micro-Click Tension Knob for Accurate Spool Tension Adjustment
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