Xeon Combat SW 103HSL Baitcasting Reel

The best-selling Xeon series returns with another legend. Introducing TEAM SEAHAWK XEON SW COMBAT – fully engineered with excellent saltwater capabilities for vicious fights in the salty seas.

Offering a higher max drag than its predecessors (up to 10kg), the Xeon Combat SW is completed with high-speed gear and ultra-deep spool features so you can go deeper & conquer witty, fast species without a problem. Some returning popular features include high-precision Japanese Reinforced Hamai Micro Gear System, ceramic V-shaped line guide for casting accuracy & Slim Tech body technology, specially designed for a comfortable hold in your palm.

Get more control, power and comfort with its ergonomic EVA knob and handle. A complimentary casting handle is included in every box, offering anglers versatility in switching between jigging and casting.

Infinite One Way Clutch Bearing

Infinite One Way Clutch Bearing

This clutch bearing acts as a reliable safeguard by locking up and preventing any reverse rotation, so that lines do not get tangled. This gives better control, especially during stop-and-go retrieve situations.

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Stainless steel ball bearings will not rust or corrode when exposed to water and moisture, significantly enhancing durability, making every angler’s experience more enjoyable.

360 Degree Saltwater Protection

Engineered to withstand saltwater environments, our reels are carefully designed with a corrosion-resistant seal drag system and double-sealed stainless steel ball bearings, ensuring a long-lasting reel with optimal performance and better endurance.

Carbon Drag System

A cutting-edge drag system using military-grade fiber material with superb stopping power, exceptional smoothness with high heat tolerance, guaranteeing optimum performance even under extreme conditions.

XLG MK2 System

An enhanced version of the initial XLG System, the XLG Mark-2 integrates a V-Shape Ceramic Line Guide, offering an exceptionally smooth and frictionless surface. The ceramic line guide gradually narrows in a V-Shape at its top, decreasing the size of the line exit point - enabling a more precise and concentrated cast for better casting accuracy.

Slim Tech Body Frame

Constructed with an elegant streamlined reel profile, the Slim Tech Body frame not only looks slimmer and sleeker, it is also more ergonomic to the palm, enhancing anglers’ overall control during casting.

  • 8 Shielded High Speed Stainless Steel Bearing System.
  • High Performance Stainless Steel Anti-Reverse One Way Bearing.
  • 360 Saltwater Protection.
  • Extended Line Guide System Mark II – XLG MKII.
  • Equipped with Carbon Drag System – CDS.
  • Aircraft-Grade Duraminium Ultra Deep Quiet Spool.
  • One Spare Light Weight Aluminum Casting Handle with Ergonomic EVA Round Knob
  • Slim Tech Body Frame.
  • High precision Hamai Micro Gear Provides Exceptional Smooth Performance and Durability.
  • Micro-Click Tension Knob for Accurate Spool Tension Adjustment
Model NameGear RatioBall BearingLine Capacity (mm-m)Line Capacity (lbs-yards)Weight (g)Max Drag (kg)
CB/SW-103HSL6.5 : 180.12-211, 0.15-148, 0.20-13520-230, 30-162, 40-14720510
CB/SW-103HSL7.2 : 180.12-211, 0.15-148, 0.20-13520-230, 30-162, 40-14720510
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