Flexis Lite SE Ultralight Spinning Rod

Product Description

Seahawk’s FLEXIS LITE SE (Special Edition) is specifically custom-made for ultralight fishing. This new edition stems off the top-selling Flexis Lite; a range of specialized light tackle of amazing quality and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

This Special Edition two-piece features new innovations – including a redesigned look, improved blank with higher sensitivity and balance, and a new reel seat. The new blank is made with a light-tuned hybrid composite material fitted with premium corrosion-resistant oxide guide inserts to provide a well-balanced blend of lightness, incredible sensitivity, and backbone power to maximize your fish-fighting thrill. Further enhancement includes a high-quality cork handle fitted with a sturdy reel seat, a proud coexistence of strength and beauty. The Casting model is also available.


   Sleek Stylish Japanese Finishing
  Premium Strength and Sensitivity Balance
    Corrosion Resistance Oxide Guides
   Enhanced Reel Seat Sturdiness
   Multicolor Availability

Model NameLength (ft)Lure Wt. (g)Line Wt. (g)GuideActionSection
FLX-LSE 602ULS (RED)6'0"1 – 51 – 46 + 1Ultra Light2
FLX-LSE 602ULS (ORANGE)6'0"2 – 82 – 66 + 1Ultra Light2
FLX-LSE 632ULS (TURQUOISE)6'3"2 – 82 – 66 + 1Ultra Light2
FLX-LSE 662ULS (GOLD)6'6"2 – 82 – 66 + 1Ultra Light2
FLX-LSE 682ULS (BLUE)6'8"2 – 82 – 66 + 1Ultra Light2
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