Elite Fishing Gear Creation

Seahawk’s core concept evolves around the sheer commitment to providing value. We strive to deliver fishing gear and tackles of the highest quality and durability. Loaded with heart-skipping features, without the heart-breaking price tag.

With this purpose in mind, we work in close collaboration with our factories and maintain a firm hand in the manufacturing of our products every step along the way; from the early selection process right down to packaging design.

Our materials are globally sourced and carefully hand-selected by qualified engineers with experience derived from decades of manufacturing exposure, constant market research and customer feedback. We work closely side-by-side with market experts and are constantly on our toes to produce innovative products using the latest state-of-the-art fishing technology to suit the fast-paced and varying needs of the market.

Each stage of production must undergo numerous quality checks to ensure consistency and integrity. The final prototype is then required to pass through a series of field tests before receiving the approval for mass production and packaging for distribution.

Seahawk Fishing Malaysia