Flexis Lite Ultralight Spinning Rod

Product Description

The Flexis Lite, a spin-off from its brother the Flexis, is an ultralight rod developed specifically to maximize fish-playing pleasure and to bring your thrills to the next level. The blank comes in an eye-catching chameleon Japanese finishing that’s made even lighter thanks to its hybrid 80/20 carbon + composite construction. Additionally, by incorporating a new manufacturing technology that greatly increase backbone power, this lightweight rod sports an impressive max drag of up to 13kg for some serious fighting action.

Casting version also available.

Model NameLength (ft)Lure Wt. (g)Line Wt. (g)GuideActionSection
FLX-L602ULS6'0"1 – 51 – 46 + 1Ultra Light2
FLX-L602ULS6'0"2 – 82 – 66 + 1Ultra Light2
FLX-L632ULS6'3"2 – 82 – 66 + 1Ultra Light2
FLX-L662ULS6'6"2 – 82 – 66 + 1Ultra Light2
FLX-L682ULS6'8"2 – 82 – 66 + 1Ultra Light2
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