Iguana Lite Jigging Spinning Rod

Product Description

Seahawk’s IGUANA LITE rod series is an entry level solid carbon rod made specifically for beginners of light jigging. Its lightweight body and extreme bendable flexibility makes it capable of a more relaxed form of jigging while still being able to handle fairly-sized game. It features a 24-ton solid carbon blank that’s lightweight but strong. Its new construction process achieves a well-balanced blank, with excellent sensitivity for a fast response. The casting model is also available.


entry level feature icon   Entry-level light jigging rod
   24-T solid carbon blank construction
   Lightweight but durable
   Significant bendable flexibility
    Excellent sensitivity to detect small bites
   2-section butt joint portability

Model NameLength (ft)PEJig Wt. (g)GuideSection
IGL 601S6'0"0.8 – 1.520 – 706 + 11
IGL 631S6'3"0.8 – 1.520 – 707 + 11
IGL 602S6'0"0.5 – 1.215 – 606 + 12
IGL 602S6'0"0.8 – 2.020 – 806 + 12
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