Moju Spinning Reel

Product Description

Seahawk MOJU entry level spinning reel comes with a balanced set of features that make it efficient, versatile, and durable for a variety of fishing applications. Ideal for beginners and anglers looking for a budget-friendly option with excellent performance and high reliability for casual fishing. A nearby pond or sea would be a great start for the Moju fishing experience!


  • 5.2:1 gear ratio versatile fishing applications
  • Lightweight construction with aluminum spool
  • CNC aluminum screw-in handle with rubber T-knob
  • 4 ball bearings smooth action
  • Up to 8kg max drag
  • High performance multi drag system
  • Anti-reverse system for solid hook-ups
  • Great value on a small budget

Model NameBall BearingGear RatioLine Capacity (mm-m)Line Capacity (lbs-yards)Weight (g)
100045.2:10.06-260, 0.07-220, 0.08-1806-284, 8-240, 10-197202
250045.2:10.08-220, 0.10-200, 0.12-18010-240, 15-219, 20-197290
400045.2:10.12-300, 0.15-260, 0.20-22020-328, 30-284, 40-240300
600045.2:10.15-360, 0.20-310, 0.27-27030-393, 40-339, 50-295407
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