Ryoku Spinning Rod

Product Description

Seahawk’s RYOKU rod series is an entry level fishing rod with good all-rounder fishing capabilities. Its innovative M-tuned construction offers a strong 30T carbon-fiberglass hybrid blank with ample sensitivity, a balance ideal for beginners. This affordable and durable rod is capable of handling fishes of many sizes, including larger ones. It has a two-piece design for easy transport and storage.

Available also for Casting model. In various lengths to suit a variety of fishing styles and preferences.


   30T Carbon – Fiberglass Strength Sensitivity Hybrid
entry level    Beginner-friendly Features
Versatile Icon    All-rounder Fishing Capabilities
   2-Piece Centre Joint for Portability

Model NameLength (ft)Lure Wt. (g)Line Wt. (g)GuideActionSection
RK-602MHS6'0"10 – 258 – 175 + 1Medium2
RK-662MHS6'6"10 – 3012 – 255 + 1Medium Heavy2
RK-702HS7'0"14 – 4015 – 305 + 1Heavy2
RK-802HS8'0"14 – 4015 – 306 + 1Heavy2
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