Warhead SW 103XHSL Baitcasting Reel

Warhead SW

Introducing Team Seahawk’s WARHEAD low-profile baitcasting reel, where innovation meets top-notch performance in the fishing world.

Constructed with a Duralumi technology, the Warhead possesses an extremely durable aluminium metal body yet keeping the reel as light as a feather whilst maintaining a perfect gear alignment even under heavy loads. Its core are also equipped with Japanese Hamai gear with supported pinion gear, 12 stainless steel ball bearings and Carbon Drag System with a super high max drag up to 12kg.

The high gear ratio of 8.1 provides rapid line retrieval, while the precision micro tension knob clicker lets you fine-tune your settings with ease.

Experience the future of fishing reels with the Warhead, where cutting-edge features unite for an unparalleled angling adventure. 


Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Stainless steel ball bearings will not rust or corrode when exposed to water and moisture, significantly enhancing durability, making every angler’s experience more enjoyable.

Lightweight Material

Crafted with durable, yet lightweight material - all carefully designed to provide comfort for all-day fishing and travelling.

360 Degree Saltwater Protection

Engineered to withstand saltwater environments, our reels are carefully designed with a corrosion-resistant seal drag system and double-sealed stainless steel ball bearings, ensuring a long-lasting reel with optimal performance and better endurance.

Carbon Drag System

A cutting-edge drag system using military-grade fiber material with superb stopping power, exceptional smoothness with high heat tolerance, guaranteeing optimum performance even under extreme conditions.

Duralumi Construction

Conquer the waters and tackle bigger species without a sweat with Seahawk’s top quality aluminum metal body that is highly anti-corrosive - built for maximum strength and durability.

  • 12 High Performance Stainless Steel Bearings with Anti-Reverse Roller Clutch.
  • Superbly Smooth 8.1:1 Gear Ratio.
  • Ultra Low Aluminium Body Frame.
  • Machine-cut Japanese Hamai Gear with Bearing Supported Pinion Gear.
  • 115mm Swept Carbon Double Handle with EVA Knob.
  • 12KG Smooth and Reliable Carbon Drag System.
  • Equipped with Ultra Deep Spool for Maximum Line Capacity.
  • Precise Micro Tension Knob Clicker.
  • Magnetic Braking System.
Model NameBall BearingLine Capacity (mm-m)Line Capacity (lbs-yards)Gear RatioMax Drag (kg)Weight (g)
WH-103XHSL-SW12 SSBB0.12-330, 0.15-229, 0.20-19520-361, 30-250, 40-2138.1:112199
Seahawk Fishing Malaysia