Xeon LTD 103XHSL Baitcasting Reel

Team Seahawk introduces Xeon LTD, a high-speed reel designed to deliver seamless angling experience like never before.

Carefully designed with an extended line guide system, the Xeon LTD casts 15% further with little to no friction for a buttery smooth casting experience. Its Xtra High Speed system offers a lightning-fast retrieval while its FSV technology, supported pinion gear and the Japanese Reinforced Hamai Gear System offers stability and durability to the reel.

With a super low profile body and a quick drag setting design that lies underneath the palm, the Xeon LTD reel is a dream reel for all anglers.

Free Spin Vertical Spool (FSV)

The Free Spin Vertical (FSV) technology keeps the supported pinion gear in perfect alignment with the spool, ensuring no friction against one another. This helps anglers to cast even further and smoother effortlessly.

XLG MK3 System

An upgrade from the XLG Mark-2, the XLG-MKIII is an extended diamond-shaped ceramic line guide that delivers superior accuracy for an even higher degree of casting control. The diamond shape narrows the line’s exit point at two points, an increase from only one point for the Mark-2. This increases the frequency where the line travels accurately.

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Stainless steel ball bearings will not rust or corrode when exposed to water and moisture, significantly enhancing durability, making every angler’s experience more enjoyable.

Tournament Drag System

The Tournament Drag System incorporates meticulously designed Hybrid Felt Washers that are enhanced with alloy later to further increase durability and drag pressures, improving heat distribution generated by friction. This helps in prolonging the reel's shelf life, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Integrated Drag Clicker (IDC)

Music to any anglers’ ears. The Integrated Drag Clicker provides a loud, audible drag sound, ensuring you never miss a catch.

  • Cast Longer Duration with 40.6mm Ultra Low Profile Body Frame.
  • 8 High Speed Stainless Steel Shielded Ball Bearing with Anti-Reverse Roller Clutch.
  • Machine Cut Japanese Hamai Gear with Bearing Supported Pinion Gear.
  • Ultra Smooth 8.1:1 Gear Ratio.
  • 6KG Smooth and Reliable Tournament Drag System.
  • External Control Magnetic Braking System.
  • Bowed Machine Cut Aluminum Handle with Soft Touch Rubber Knob.
  • Hard Anodize Aluminum Deep Spool.
  • XLG-MK3D Extended “Diamond-Shaped” Ceramic Line Guide.
  • Integrated Drag Alert System.
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