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A seahawk, also called an “osprey”, is a master of the fish hunting craft for survival.

The Seahawk brand, on the other hand, is a widely recognized Malaysian-grown brand in the sport fishing industry renowned for its innovative, high quality, and affordable fishing tackle. Since its birth in 1978, Seahawk has been and remains highly popular with anglers of all kinds and all walks of life throughout Malaysia and now has presence across Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

Seahawk is committed to provide the best and accessible tackle gear for anyone to be ahead of the game. With Seahawk’s wide-ranging tackles to choose from, there is always the right tackle for everyone.

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Started off as two brothers, their fishing rods, and their fishing boat in the 1960s, their hobby soon became a career and business. TCE Sports Sdn Bhd was then born as one of the first fishing tackle companies in Malaysia. The business grew back when Malaysia’s recreational fishing was at its infancy stage and finally created its own fishing brand, Seahawk, in 1978. Now a family business operating on the island of Pulau Pinang, the company continues its fishing passion.

The company’s mission was, is, and will always be to offer affordable high quality fishing tackle for everyone. Seahawk introduced industry-shaping models such as the “First Stik” rod series and the “Bass Pro” bait-caster series that became a fast favourite with the rapidly emerging fishing enthusiasts. As sport fishing grew and spread rapidly in Malaysia, so did Seahawk as the brand quickly became a national staple with a place of prominence in the sport fishing industry, with the company’s tackles being sold throughout Malaysia and internationally.

40 Years of Research and Experience

Now over 40 years old, Seahawk’s tackles embody the culmination of years of comprehensive research and experience. With over 40 years of field tests and innovations, Seahawk has made many major contributions to recreational sports fishing.

From impactful rods and reels such as the popular “Strike Wolf” and “Lite Pro” spinning reel series, and market leading braided line range “SOL” and “Elephant Power”— that’s often copied, never duplicated—to its premium series, Team Seahawk. Seahawk has something to offer anglers and fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels.

All Seahawk products are exclusively manufactured by trusted factories who maintain strict quality control to ensure the production of the most effective and reliable tackle in the industry. We make ‘em better, so you can fish better!

Team Seahawk

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Enhanced Gears for Intensified Action

Team Seahawk is the enhanced and upgraded Seahawk series with overall improvements using the latest and most powerful technology and materials, making it Seahawk’s best-in-class. Working with our international partners, Team Seahawk range offers the best engineered materials and components loaded with the latest available innovative fishing technology, all while staying in line with Seahawk’s accessible price point.

Team Seahawk tackle range is for the most serious of anglers, and not for the faintest of hearts.

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